Previous Gwynedd Champions

The following list was compiled by John Shakespeare.
He would welcome any further historical information.

It seems that the years engraved on the old trophy were
for the year the competition started.

1974-1975Briant Bourne
1975-1976Richard Coupe & S. Cragg
1976-1977Briant Bourne
1977-1978Richard Coupe
1978-1979Richard Coupe
1979-1980Llew Evans
1980-1981Briant Bourne
1981-1982Richard Coupe
1982-1983Richard Coupe
1983-1984Briant Bourne
1984-1985Briant Bourne & Richard Coupe & Alan Hughes
1985-1986Paul Helbig
1986-1987Patrick Teachers & Kevin Yeomans
1987-1988Martin Pinner
1988-1989John Pyke
1989-1990Briant Bourne
1990-1991John Bowers
1991-1992Nick Wilson
1992-1993Mike Blake
1993-1994John Tombs
1994-1995John Tombs
1995-1996John Bowers
1996-1997John Tombs
1997-1998John Tombs
1998-1999Deio Parri
2001-2002John Bowers
2002-2003Will Williams
2003-2004John Bowers
2004-2005John Shakespeare
2005-2006John Blore
2006-2007John Blore
2007-2008David Jameson
2008-2009John Blore
2010-2011Joshua Pink
2011-2012John Shakespeare
2012-2013Barrie Wells
2013-2014David Jameson
2014-2015David Jameson
2015-2016David Jameson
2016-2017Cliff Rice
2017-2018David Jameson
2018-2019David Jameson