Gwynedd Championship 2018-2019

Previous winners

David Jameson is the defending Champion.

Championship Table

Michael Vidler33 1 1 1    
David Jameson32 1 1 0    
John Shakespeare32 1 0 1    
Hai Tran32 0 1 1    
Michael Whale32 0 1 1    
Anton Petkov32 1 0 1    
Timothy J Soar32 1 0 1    
Cliff Rice31.5 0 1 0.5    
Barrie Wells31.5 0.5 1 0    
John Bowers31 0 0.5 0.5    
Filip Molnar31 1 0 0    
John A Simmons31 0.5 0.5 0    
Catriona Coutts31 1 0 0    
Peter Coutts31 0 0 1    
Wayne McFadden31 0 1 0    
Huw Davies30 0 0 0    

Round One Pairings and Results

Scheduled for 29th October 2018 7.30pm

Venue - Room G1 Main Arts Building

Hai Tran01David JamesonBangor29/10/2018
Michael Vidler10Michael WhaleColwyn Bay25/10/2018
John Bowers01John ShakespeareBangor5/11/2018
Cliff Rice01Anton PetkovBangor19/11/2018
John A Simmons0.50.5Barrie WellsColwyn Bay25/10/2018
Huw Davies01Catriona CouttsBangor5/11/2018
Peter Coutts01Timothy J SoarBangor5/11/2018
Filip Molnar10Wayne McFaddenBangor29/10/2018

Round Two Pairings and Results

1David Jameson10John Shakespeare1Colwyn Bay29/11/2018
1Anton Petkov01Michael Vidler1Colwyn Bay29/11/2018
1Timothy J Soar01Cliff Rice0Bangor7/1/2018
1Catriona Coutts01Hai Tran0Bangor26/11/2018
0Michael Whale10Filip Molnar1Bangor26/11/2018
0.5Barrie Wells10Huw Davies0Colwyn Bay29/11/2018
0.5John A Simmons0.50.5John Bowers0Colwyn Bay29/11/2018
0Wayne McFadden10Peter Coutts0Bangor26/11/2018

Round Three Pairings and Results

Matches scheduled for Bangor on Monday January 14th.

Please email opponent to confirm or rearrange before Tuesday January 29th.

2Michael Vidler10David Jameson2Colwyn Bay11/12/2018
1Timothy J Soar10Barrie Wells1.5Colwyn Bay28/12/2018
1John Shakespeare10John A Simmons1Bangor14/1/2019
1Hai Tran10Wayne McFadden1Bangor28/1/2019
1Catriona Coutts01Michael Whale1Bangor14/1/2019
1Filip Molnar01Anton Petkov1Bangor28/1/2019
0.5John Bowers0.50.5Cliff Rice1Rhosgadfan15/1/2019
0Peter Coutts10Huw Davies0Bangor28/1/2019

Round Four Pairings and Results

2John Shakespeare  Michael Vidler3  
2David Jameson  Timothy J Soar2  
2Michael Whale  Hai Tran2  
2Anton Petkov  Barrie Wells1.5  
1.5Cliff Rice  Filip Molnar1  
1John Bowers  Peter Coutts1  
1Wayne McFadden  Catriona Coutts1  
0Huw Davies  John A Simmons1  

Round Five Pairings and Results