Gwynedd Championship 2017-2018

Previous winners

Cliff Rice is the defending Champion

Notes on the pairing system

Championship Table

David Jameson11 1        
John Shakespeare11 1        
Barrie Wells11 1        
Anton Petkov11 1        
Petko Petkov11 1        
Filip Molnar11 1        
Michael Whale10.5 0.5        
Timothy J Soar10.5 0.5        
Cliff Rice10 0        
Hai Tran10 0        
John Bowers10 0        
Peter Coutts10 0        
Wayne McFadden10 0        
Catriona Coutts10 0        

Round One Pairings and Results

Scheduled for 6th November, 7.30pm at Bangor

David Jameson10Hai TranBangor6/11/2017
John Bowers01John ShakespeareBangor6/11/2017
Cliff Rice01Petko PetkovBangor6/11/2017
Timothy J Soar0.50.5Michael WhaleColwyn Bay7/11/2017
Barrie Wells10Peter CouttsBangor6/11/2017
Catriona Coutts01Anton PetkovBangor6/11/2017
Filip Molnar10Wayne McFaddenBangor6/11/2017

Round Two Pairings and Results

1Petko Petkov  David Jameson1  
1John Shakespeare  Timothy J Soar0.5  
0.5Michael Whale  Barrie Wells1  
1Anton Petkov  Cliff Rice0  
0Hai Tran  Filip Molnar1  
0Peter Coutts  John Bowers0  
0Wayne McFadden  Catriona Coutts0  

Round Three Pairings and Results


Round Four Pairings and Results


Round Five Pairings and Results