A note on the pairing system

FIDE's Lim system of Seeded Swiss Pairing utilises the
principles of 'top half versus bottom half', colour alternation
and equalisation, and the use of 'floats'.

Accelerated Pairings are designed:-

(i) to avoid games between players of widely different strengths
(ii) to reduce the 'bouncing effect' on those of middle ranking
(playing first top, then bottom, etc., or vice versa).

Given the large rating spread but small number of competitors,
a limited Acceleration is being used thus:

Players are ranked by current live rating and divided into two
Groups, Upper and Lower.
Each Group is paired within itself in Round 1.

In Round 2, UG winners are paired against each other or UG floater,
LG winners are paired with remaining UG non-winners in ranking order.

All other pairings follow Lim system rules.