Division Two

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As PlayedPenaltiesNow
Newport B127132615102715
Malpas C1264227.516-0.5-22714
Malpas B1246226.514-1025.514
Abergavenny E1270528.514-5-223.512
Pontypool B125252412-2.5-221.510
Abergavenny D122281564.5419.510
Newport C1213716.553.52207

Newport B vs Newport C - Internal club match delayed more than 6 weeks scored 0-0

Penalties applied/awarded above for fielding ineligible players

You lose the game and on all lower boards

Over 1600, playing more than two games for two different teams in Div2

7/3/18Aber D vs Malpas CBd2Dave WilliamsWas 1-3 now 3-1

Over 1800 playing in Div2 after playing 8 games in Div1

21/2/18Newport B vs Malpas BBd1Dave TurnerWas 3-1 now 4-0
21/2/18Ponty B vs Aber DBd1Chris DixonWas 2.5-1.5 now 0-4
21/2/18Newport C vs Aber EBd1Andy OwenWas 0.5-3.5 now 4-0
22/3/18Malpas C vs Aber EBd1Andy OwenWas 2.5-1.5 now 4-0

Colin Gilbert Trophy

Best Percentage in Division Two

3 Pts minimum to appear here

Nine results minimum for the trophy.

RankNamePld WD LPts Per
1Mateusz Gibiec107308.585
2William Newrick8602675
3Ron Williams126518.570.83
4Dave Roberts13580969.23
5Jonathan Dyment73314.564.29
6Phil Smith11623763.64
7Robert Taylor11623763.64
8Gerry Carolan8422562.5
9Dennis O. Jones124717.562.5
10Zane Allford94325.561.11
11Patrick Sullivan7403457.14
12Adam Jenkins9504555.56
13Gordon Cadden9342555.56
14Clive Thomas103525.555
15Mark Emblem125346.554.17
16Richard Livermore13463753.85
17Dave Williams145547.553.57
18Brian Ross8242450
19Bob Stanworth12444650
20Hiram Rogers11263545.45
21Neil Carter104154.545
22Paul Scott133374.534.62

Bill Chamberlain Trophy

Best Performance in Division Two

Based on start-of-season ratings (G1)

Nine results minimum for the trophy.

RankNamePld WD LPts ExpDiff
1William Newrick860263.47082.5292
2Phil Smith1162375.17441.8256
3Gerry Carolan842253.29641.7036
4Bob Stanworth1244464.46281.5372
5Jonathan Dyment73314.53.03331.4667
6Clive Thomas103525.54.17961.3204
7Mateusz Gibiec107308.57.28171.2183
8Dennis O. Jones124717.56.29841.2016
9Brian Ross824242.79981.2002
10Dave Roberts1358098.30920.6908
11Ron Williams126518.57.82110.6789
12Lee Davis110010.58120.4188
13Adam Rakos110010.67970.3203
14Dave Connolly30301.51.24760.2524
15Richard Miles32102.52.26070.2393
16John Waterfield110010.77750.2225
17Ernest Gibiec110010.78990.2101
18Jusef Behit31111.51.3110.189
19Paul Scott133374.54.32750.1725
20Steve Horrell10100.50.42980.0702
21Neil Carter104154.54.44390.0561
22Owain Davies1100110
23Lucas James7205220
24Harry James2101110
25Mike Wilkins4004000
26Oliver Stubbs210111.0028-0.0028
27Patrick Sullivan740344.0244-0.0244
28Gordon Cadden934255.0617-0.0617
29Lyn Holland81342.52.7148-0.2148
30John Marshall20110.50.8286-0.3286
31Andrew Owen504122.3815-0.3815
32Zane Allford94325.55.9023-0.4023
33Richard Batey20110.50.935-0.435
34Chris Dixon20110.50.9783-0.4783
35Richard Livermore1346377.5263-0.5263
36Dave Turner310211.529-0.529
37Roger Lockyer400400.5472-0.5472
38Dave Williams145547.58.0642-0.5642
39Joshua Abramsky500500.6218-0.6218
40Christopher Robertson502311.762-0.762
41Robert Taylor1162377.8112-0.8112
42Adam Jenkins950456.1094-1.1094
43Hiram Rogers1126356.1129-1.1129
44Mark Emblem125346.57.984-1.484
45Peter Wood-Fisher1112823.6219-1.6219
46Chris Reading61322.54.1364-1.6364
47Nick Davies510412.9058-1.9058
48Terry Hill112182.54.4622-1.9622